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At Premier Scale Services (Pty) Ltd

we offer a wide variety of products and services, meeting industry need in South Africa since 1974. We are accredited by SANAS (South African National Accreditation System) and NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications) through which we have the authority to provide verification.

Premier Scale Services (Pty) Ltd is a ‘Proudly South African’ company, our approved scale indicators and software are all produced by means of local talent and skill. One of our primary focuses falls on the growth, as well as the development of business in both South Africa and Africa as a whole. We are confidently able to back this up with our level 4 BBBEE (broad-based BEE) status.

Our expertise and knowledge in the Scale services industry, which has been advanced over decades of hard work, are directed at offering the best and most competitive rates to all of our clients and by doing so we are able to deliver maximum, struggle-free, customer satisfaction at every conceivable opportunity. The ‘can do’ attitude observed by all members of staff employed at Premier Scale Services (Pty) Ltd means that at no time will we turn away work applicable to our market. If we are unable to supply, outsource or import a specific product sought by our clients then we will manufacture it.

We specialise in the sale, calibration, repair, servicing and verification of an assortment of Scales. Among the Scales on offer to you through Premier Scale Services (Pty) you will find access to pocket, platform, physician, pallet, price computing, livestock and animal, hanging, floor, crane, counting, check weighing, indicators and butchery Scales.

Furthermore, Premier Scale Services (Pty) Ltd make weighbridges, gas filling, test weights, Scale printers and spares easily accessible to you.

Located at the corner of Voorhout and 6th Street, New Doornfontein in Gauteng South Africa. We are able to extend our services to a host of manufacturers, packers, distribution and courier companies, gas, steel, waste and scrap industries all over Southern Africa. We provide first-class, flexible service and we are not brand bound which allows us to strategically design and implement solutions set to meet our client’s precise and specific requirements with an air of excellence.